Most seafood is seasonal and not available all year round. Below is a brief description of the most common products that we stock when available.

Prawns are available in a variety of sizes and can either be raw (green) or cooked. All of our prawns are locally sourced and are wild caught Australian prawns.

Seafood Platter

Fruit or Prawn Platter

Tiger prawns

Red spot Kings 10/20

Endeavour prawns

Banana prawns Lge

Sand crabs

Mud crabs

Moreton bay bugs

NZ Pacific oysters medium

Tasmanian oysters


Baby octopus

Calamari/squid tubes

Sea scallop meat

Atlantic salmon


Coral trout

Flake fillets

Seafood platter Mussels


John Dory

Red emperor

Red throat emperor


Spangled Emperor

Whiting fillets


Nile Perch

Spanish Mackeral

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